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For all of your eCommerce and Digital Technology needs Mediotype has you covered! With our years of combined expertise in Custom Magento Development, Application Development, Online Marketing, and Creative Design there is no project scope, large or small, that we cannot confidently cover. Find out more how Mediotype can help turn your vision into a reality.

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Custom Magento Development Expertise

Would you build your house atop sand or stone?

Our Magento Certified experts are specialized in User Experience Design and Custom Development on the Magento platform system. Our in-house development team can architect, engineer and launch both Magento Enterprise and Magento Community solutions. Whether you have a small project or an end-to-end build in mind, the Mediotype team can work with you from conception to realization.

We believe that the process of eCommerce is changing rapidly as customers adopt new ways to communicate, engage, and do business with you. To be successful, companies need to transform commerce through a unified approach to marketing, selling and fulfillment processes across all available channels. Just as any good house has a solid foundation from which to build, Magento is the very foundation upon which business processes can be formed, refined, and perfected. How will you begin to build?

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Digital Marketing Done Right

Having the most beautiful, useful, ergonomic and informative website on the Internet doesn’t matter if no one is able to find or view it.

There are only five ways a person is able to find a website, product or service online. Either through Organic Search, Direct Traffic, Social Media, Paid Search, or as Referral Traffic. Each traffic type has both their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Knowing your target market, where they can be found, and how to attract them through each traffic avenue is a critical component to having a good overall marketing strategy. When a sound marketing strategy is aligned with realistic business goals and expectations about marketing efforts, the results often speak loudly for themselves.   

Whether you’re concerned with On-Site SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media, Content Curation, Link Acquisition or any other problem digital marketing may create for you, the Mediotype Marketing specialists can help!

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An Eye For Design

Luck is never a contributing factor when it comes to good design, luck is itself the residue of good design. Design it well and you’ll create all the luck you’ll need.

Mediotype has worked with countless companies to help improve upon their brand’s identity through custom design work with an important focus on cohesion across platforms. Brand exposure and recognition are both important as they help to drive traffic, but with that new found awareness how can further success be achieved through design?

The answer lies in one of the most important and under appreciated aspects of design; User Interface and Experience. UI and UX largely determines a customer’s current and future actions on a site… the art of design, and a Mediotype specialty, is keeping those aesthetic and functional components in constant equilibrium.

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Experienced Consultants

When testing ideas in the marketplace you learn from hearing a range of perspectives. Success is more likely when those perspectives are founded on intimate experiences. 

Sometimes you just simply need a little professional advice or critique. For any eCommerce concern you might have, whether it be for Development, Marketing, or Design, Mediotype has a team of dedicated expert consultants ready and able to help.

We have years of experience in each respective field and have helped consult countless businesses with everything from forming marketing strategies, to app creation, competitive analysis, site health analysis, and overall site development. Furthermore… we simply love helping to find solutions for the toughest eCommerce problems. We know that amidst adversity lies opportunity waiting to be revealed! Let us help you uncover hidden potential!

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(Platform Market Shares) 

  • Magento Enterprise & Community Edition 30%
  • WooCommerce 20.8%
  • PrestaShop 9.5%
  • Shopify 7.6%
  • All Others 31.1%

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So what are you looking for? Do you need a new eCommerce site with custom functionality? Are you trying to update and increase the performance of an existing site? Do you need help with marketing online and increasing rankings? Whatever your focus is online, Mediotype is there to help!

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Recent Service & Product Release

Magento Extensions: SUPEE-7405 Magento Patch Install
The SUPEE-7405 Patch Bundles (Released 1/20/2016). This update is, as always, a part of Magento’s ongoing commitment to excellence in platform security and performance. But as often is the case, many folks will fail to keep their version of Magento up to date.

This can cause significant problems in many areas of your website, and especially with these updates being focused on Security. As such Mediotype is offering a service for updating systems to their current version.


Recent Blog Release

Magento 2 Finally Begins To Contribute to the Global Market for eCommerce Platforms

It’s been a long time coming, but Magento 2 is finally making its mark on the eCommerce eco-system… and it’s about time. When coupled with Magento 1 global usage, the Magento platforms overall comprise the lions share of the eCommerce markets total. Combined, Magento 1 and 2 have just over 29% of the market share. At a close second, and no surprise to some, is WooCommerce with nearly 27%. Shopify comes in 3rd at nearly 11% and Prestashop comes in 4th at just above 9%.

Excellent team of US based developers quick to respond to questions!

Jason Pearl

Technology Supervisor , Road America

Good, solid and trustworthy company to work with. Would more than happily recommend them!

Paul Sillars

Developer, Shiloh Computers

Very responsive to my needs. There were a couple User Experience checkout issues that the developer took to heart and made some adjustments/improvments. Thanks!

Carl Davis

Merchant , Elements of Rest

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