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So what are you looking for? Do you need a new eCommerce site with custom functionality? Are you trying to update and increase the performance of an existing site? Do you need help with marketing online and increasing rankings? Whatever your focus is online, Mediotype is there to help!

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Recent Service & Product Release

Magento Extensions: SUPEE-7405 Magento Patch Install
The SUPEE-7405 Patch Bundles (Released 1/20/2016). This update is, as always, a part of Magento’s ongoing commitment to excellence in platform security and performance. But as often is the case, many folks will fail to keep their version of Magento up to date.

This can cause significant problems in many areas of your website, and especially with these updates being focused on Security. As such Mediotype is offering a service for updating systems to their current version.


Recent Blog Release

Magento 2 Finally Begins To Contribute to the Global Market for eCommerce Platforms

It’s been a long time coming, but Magento 2 is finally making its mark on the eCommerce eco-system… and it’s about time. When coupled with Magento 1 global usage, the Magento platforms overall comprise the lions share of the eCommerce markets total. Combined, Magento 1 and 2 have just over 29% of the market share. At a close second, and no surprise to some, is WooCommerce with nearly 27%. Shopify comes in 3rd at nearly 11% and Prestashop comes in 4th at just above 9%.

Excellent team of US based developers quick to respond to questions!

Jason Pearl

Technology Supervisor , Road America

Good, solid and trustworthy company to work with. Would more than happily recommend them!

Paul Sillars

Developer, Shiloh Computers

Very responsive to my needs. There were a couple User Experience checkout issues that the developer took to heart and made some adjustments/improvments. Thanks!

Carl Davis

Merchant , Elements of Rest

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