Unity is the key. Passbook is just another tool in the tool-belt of brand engagement, Magento architects would be wise to pay attention, it is one of the more important tools in this ever mobilizing world. As the business world continues to become more and more digital, consumers are quickly following the trend. It is impossible to walk down the street without seeing someone on their smart-phone or tablet as they live their lives in a plugged in fashion. This means that the larger portion of markets are shifting into the cyber realm. Every large retailer has a top notch e-marketing department and now small and medium businesses are scrambling to follow suit.

A look at Passbook + Magento

Magento, a multi-leveled web design software, offers one of the best constructs for this era of the electronic marketplace. In the hands of professionals, Magento can be the perfect tool to not only shape your online store, but to attract a larger client base, simplify and streamline the buying process, create your brand identity, craft your online presence to fit that brand, and increase the profitability of your company.

The next step in perfecting an e-commerce website is to properly integrate. Create unity on all levels of your company’s projected image. Whether customers are shopping from their home or work desktop, using a tablet on a train ride or on a beach side, or even looking to purchase something on the go with their smart-phone, they need to receive the same care and consideration that they would be offered if they stepped through the front door at your store.

Passbook is one simple tool. It deals primarily with tickets at the present time, with a few excursions into the retail. However, we can look at the presentation and use it as a part of selected business or we can use it as a model for how to properly integrate multiple levels of e-commerce. Use the principles of Passbook to understand how work with digital customers, whether as a form of online shopping or as a form of cashless payment.

Bottom line, in the hands of true digital craftsman, Magento can be Michaelangelo’s chisel in the creation of your e-commerce masterpiece. The way we as a society shop, browse, and interact with businesses has begun to change. Large companies knew this years ago and now eCommerce is growing at astonishing rates. Small and medium businesses need to follow this trend to stay competitive regardless of the product they deliver.

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Magento Event Ticket Passbook Integration