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Mediotype has the marketing experience and know-how to help your business succeed online. Our marketing team has years of experience working with many different types of eCommerce businesses. So there are few problems we have not faced and fewer still that we’ve been unable to solve.

Our two main focuses are on AdWords management and digital marketing training. For more information click below.


Digital Marketing Training
In the current eCommerce environment, organizations need in-house expertise for their digital marketing efforts more than ever. There are so many components that comprise the cog-wheels which make up a proper marketing strategy that it is no longer viable to simply pay another firm to do all of the work for you. Between managing Social Media accounts, creating quality content, updating site content, tracking site health, keeping up on SEO, and everything else that can be said to fall under Digital Marketing, you can quickly envision how much work needs to be done and the cost of that works completion.

We offer our digital marketing training services for two specific reasons:

1. So that our clients can feel confident their in-house team has a firm understanding of what their online presence is and how they can best positively affect it.


2. To reduce the overall cost of digital marketing for our clients.

Simply put, if you were to outsource everything that falls under Digital Marketing, you are going to be paying a lot of money for it. It is far more cost effective to train in-house and do the work yourself rather than hiring another firm to put forth the countless hours required. Furthermore if you are engaging with customers, answering questions, and crafting content that aligns with business goals and attracts viewers… how well could someone outside of your industry do compared to someone with the intimate knowledge of your business?

When you think of the overall cost and possible quality of the work completed, it is far safer to trust those in-house as opposed to a dedicated “marketing firm”. The attention to detail and care of what’s being done often has a marked difference. Our Marketing Training is there for those who realize and appreciate the value in this. We are an honest business and do honest work. That begins with not overcharging clients for Social Media management, or content curation, or anything else that could easily be done in-house and at a fraction of the cost.

If you feel your Marketing team needs training, insight or help in this ever evolving eCommerce environment, give us a call and let us see how we can help you!

The two worst misconceptions that result in unrealistic expectations for SEO: 1. Once your site is optimized it is optimal and therefore requires no further effort. 2. You can expect to see immediate and constant results.

You should continually strive to create realistic expectations about SEO for yourself. Conversely, you should also strive to avoid having to manage SEO expectations. Management implies that something is misunderstood. At no point should you ever feel confused or in the dark about what is happening with your marketing efforts. This is especially true if you are paying for a service.

Click here to view how to manage SEO & Online Marketing expectations.

Do you want your site to be viewed as trusted, informative, authoritative, and useful? Because in the end, for every eCommerce website, those are the only characteristics that matter.

The majority of SEO value comes from onsite SEO efforts, and there are many, many areas you could focus your efforts on. Understanding the order of importance and where the greatest value can be derived is a critical component to creating a useful and effective On-Site SEO Strategy.

Click here to view the Mediotype On-Site SEO Strategy Guide 

Do not fail to keep the full scope of SEO in mind… think outside the box, and especially outside the limits of your own website. 

You can’t simply focus on-site to improve a websites overall performance. There are many off-site SEO actions that should be taken into consideration, many of which become more important as time passes. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by restricting the possible avenues where SEO work could be done which proves to be quite profitable.

Click here to view the Mediotype Off-Site SEO Strategy Guide

Social Media engagement metrics accounts for 10% of search engine ranking value. How social is your business?

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs to concentrate and promote their Social Media platforms. There are many benefits to be had from its use ranging from increasing Brand Awareness and Site Traffic to promoting Link Bait and Content Virality. In the end, Social Media is really to content what SEO is to a website. It promotes.

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Content is King? No… It’s everything!

If you’ve looked into SEO at all you will have no doubt run across this commonly used phrase, content is king! The reason is not because it is catchy, but rather it stresses the importance of creating quality content that users will enjoy or find useful. Content is more than the King. It’s everything! It literally makes the Internet what it is. Without content, you wouldn’t have videos, pictures, blogs, journals, games, tools, or any other widget, distraction, or joy the Internet has to offer. Content is the picture painted… without it all all you have is a canvas.

Click here to view the Mediotype Content Strategy Guide.

AdWords Management

Often times you may find that your websites organic and direct traffic is a bit slow, or you may want to generate more profitable leads to specific landing pages. In these instances, paying for traffic is an excellent option. With paid marketing online, you don’t necessarily have to throw heaps of money into oblivion hoping to see results. With every penny spent, you can track its ROI. Every view, impression, click, and conversion is accounted for and the money you spend can be finely tuned to target specific users and demographics.

10% of all users who make searches online actually click on an ad. That number may sound dreadfully low, but there are two important points to keep in mind. One is that click-advertisements, unless a user clicks on your ad, your account is not charged. This means free exposure in the least, and a potential sale if the ad is actually clicked. The second point is that users who click on ads have a much higher likelihood of making a purchase as these users specifically have a high commercial intent. Roughly 65% of users who click on ads are actually looking to make a purchase.

If you are looking to increase site impressions, brand exposure, and traffic… you must definitely consider using paid marketing, and more specifically Google’s AdWords. When using Google AdWords, there are a few key areas to be aware of:

  • YouTube Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Display Network Ads
  • Product Listings
  • Re-Marketing
  • Bid Optimization
  • Ad Copy Refinement
  • Keyword Targeting and Refining
  • Landing Page Correlation for Quality Score

These are the major overarching points to Google AdWords, however each area takes time and patience to understand and use efficiently. Depending on ones budget, there are a number of solutions available and by no means does everything have to be done. For most, text ads, display network ads, and product listings are sufficient. In time, and upon success, better ads can be crafted, with other options becoming available.

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