Magento and Magento 2 Development

Innovation, Implementation, and Support.

Mediotype’s integrated approach to Magento development aligns cutting edge technology with the heart and minds of your market to create engaging digital experiences. Our team will deliver high quality and high performing code to get your eCommerce unit running better than ever!

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Maximize Your Conversion Rates With Data Driven Design

Long before putting digital pens to paper, the process starts with intelligence. First, our team works with you to soak up every ounce of intelligence we can about your brand, your unique selling position, your market, and your customers. We dig deep inside this data to mine the key consumer trends and analytics that tell the story of how your customers prefer to experience your brand online. The data is then organized and presented to internal and external stakeholders to draw conclusions and map the direction of your design.

Armed with analytics and insider intelligence, our creative team embarks down the path to engineering an online user experience designed to showcase your products in a light that compels your clientele to action. The result is a cutting edge creative designed to speak to the heart of your market and maximize conversion rates as well as the ultimate lifetime value of each visitor to your site.

On Demand Magento Programmers, Veterans of eCommerce, Here to Help.

Mediotype’s eCommerce team specializes in user experience design and development on the Magento and Magento 2 platforms. Our seasoned Boulder County, Colorado USA based and strictly in-house development team architects, engineers and launches Magento Enterprise & Magento Community solutions. We are also well suited to work with any sized project. From small fixes to complete end-to-end builds, the Mediotype team can help!

Mediotype’s Magento Programmers get Your Job Done Right.

After more than a decade in the eCommerce trenches, we have identified the patterns that limit and restrict eCommerce growth. We see overlooked opportunities, hidden assets (both tangible and intangible), and under-performing areas of a business no one else recognizes.

Our team of Magento experts here at Mediotype have seen quite literally, every Magento implementation situation that exists. Whether you want to build a new Magento site from the ground up, transition your existing eCommerce business to Magento from another platform, or upgrade you current version of Magento, our veteran Magento team has the expertise to make it happen!

  • End to End Expertise Across an Expansive Range of Leading Technologies
  • Extensive Enterprise Experience
  • Magento Responsive Design Expertise
  • Magento Extension Creators
  • Expert Magento Debugging
  • Exceptional Communication
  • Magento Experience in Both B2C & B2B
  • Magento Performance Expertise
  • Magento Developer Plus Certified Developers

Magento Implementation Scenarios

  • Build a New Magento Site From The Ground Up
  • Transition Your existing eCommerce Store To Magento
  • Upgrade Your Current Version Of Magento

Our full circle eCommerce solutions range from design and development to custom third party integrations and post implementation services. Over the years, we have surveyed the eCommerce landscape for the best platforms and emerging solutions for our clients, and we still firmly believe Magento is the clear-cut leader of the pack. On the other hand, Magento is not for everyone. If you do not have the appropriate technical resources on your side you will struggle. If you want to realize the maximum potential of the Magento platform, you must have the appropriate technical resources on your side to implement Magento according to best practices. This includes customizing the platform and tightly integrating it with your existing business processes. Mediotype offers you the full suite of technical resources you need to launch and grow your Magento store.

Although we are great proponents of the Magento commerce platform, we understand that it is just one of the many technological tools you rely on to operate your business. In order for the Magento commerce platform to make sense to you and your organization, it must tightly integrate with your ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), RMS (retail management system), email marketing (iContact, Constant Contact, Awebber, InfusionSoft, and more), payment gateways, and other key systems such as Dynamics, SAP, and Oracle.

The applications above are just a small sample of the tools we have integrated Magento with. After completing numerous custom Magento integrations, we are 100% certain that we can execute an air tight integration between your existing systems infrastructure and your Magento site.

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