Magento Custom Extension Development


Mediotype follows insanely great standards and practices for Magento extension production. Modularity means modularity. Too often modules are hooked to global events or implemented in a way that breaks the Magento architecture.

Mediotype has created thousands of custom extensions for our customers over the years that are:

  • Specific to their integration
  • Specific to other systems in their organization
  • Specific to a particular customer interaction
  • Specific to their catalog or pricing model
  • Specific to their brand engagement

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Custom Software

Developing custom Magento extensions requires strong expertise in systems architecture. Well planned architecture leads to higher success rates and better long-term maintainability. The Magento system provides an extensive tool-set for developers to create unique, innovative functional improvements to businesses in any industry. Custom extensions are the ultimate way for organizations to utilize Magento that best fits their unique requirements.

If you have an idea for additional functionality you would like to see your Magento system perform, the Mediotype team can help you reach those goals. If you have a problem without a known solution, we are also able to help brainstorm. We have a deep understanding of the Magento system as well as how that translates into unique business needs.

Software System Integrations

Integrating software systems is our forte. Optimizing your business by integrating data and processes will show a high return on investment. Our staff has had experience integrating ERP, MRP, eCommerce, fulfillment centers, accounting software, hardware device data, marketing systems, CRM systems, web systems, and much more! The integration of vital business processes with core software systems help businesses gain competitive advantage and enhance earnings. Integrating with external systems data, platform, and services can lead to the enhanced efficiency and value of your business. Complex integrations provide management with better tools, reports, and intelligence to make decisions and operate their business. For more information visit our Magento Integration Services Page.

Examples Of Custom Magento Extensions Mediotype Has Developed

Twitter Integration Extension
Google Enhanced analytics
First Time Visitor Signup Window
Event & Ticket
Order Gratuity
Bundle Wizard

Shop by Navigation
Video Thumbs
Agile Grid
Product Slider
Foundation Magento Theme
Magento Guzzle

Product Import Modules
One Step Checkout
Enhanced Search Functionality
Quickbooks Integration
Shipping Code Scan Modules

Product Page Specification Sheets Quick Look Module Theme Integrations WordPress Integrations Responsive Theme Integration Custom Responsive Cart Redesign

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