Magento is essentially an enterprise level framework for e-commerce websites. With the help of a state of the art platform like Magento, running an online shopping environment can be a highly profitable channel to a business. Hiring the right developers to use Magento when building your digital consumer engagement practice will result in a user interface that is robust, user friendly, and highly customizable. It will also provide the added advantages of having advanced shopping solutions and secured payment gateways. What follows are five key advantages to using Magento for your online shopping site:

Five Advantages of Using Magento for E-Commerce
  • Community. One of the hardest decisions for business in choosing technology is adopting a path that will lead to easier resource management, internal and external. Magento has crossed the adoption threshold full force and shows no signs of slowing down as more and more developers advance in the Magento community.
  • Usability – Magento makes checking out so user-friendly, your customers won’t realize any of the complex coding and calculations taking place behind the scenes of their shopping experience. All they will know is that they can follow a very simple and intuitive step by step process to checkout and have the object of their desire ready to be delivered in a matter of minutes. No user frustration should be involved.
  • For the truly ambitious Internet tycoons out there, Magento offers a highly flexible set of options for integrations.
  • Go Global – Fully aware of the fact that today’s marketplace is a global one, Magento allows you to pick the language and the form of currency that you want to use. Running multi language sites is a breeze with Magento
  • Fully Customizable – The open-source nature of Magento makes it easy to add third party plug-ins and design your e-commerce site exactly how you want to do so.

Running a successful e-commerce site in today’s competitive marketplace can be a tricky endeavor, but a lucrative one if you do your homework and hire the right developers to assist you with using the right technologies like Magento to go to work for you and put your best face forward.

If you’re considering re-platforming to Magento, or taking your business to the next level in eCommerce, feel free to Contact┬áthe Mediotype Expert Magento Team.