New Magento Marketplace

Magento has recently launched their next generation Magento Marketplace and users are overwhelmingly happy with it. The new official Magento extension store gives merchants a greater ability and smoother user experience for discovering high quality extensions for their Magento store. Furthermore, the Marketplace allows for developers to reach a wider and fast growing customer base. A new and desired introduction into the marketplace include a new and more reliable vetting process for extensions added that include technical, marketing and business value reviews to help ensure that merchants are able to focus and buy high quality extensions from the most trusted and reliable developers in the Magento ecosystem.

Magento currently has the largest commerce focused extension marketplace and ecosystem in the world. The new marketplace has been created to help further fuel this ecosystem and to prove to merchants and developers alike Magento’s continued investment in offering high value extensions that offer better experiences for the Magento community. The  focus of the marketplace in short is to simply better the opportunity for merchants to connect with developers that offer quality extensions, to allow merchants to feel more confident in their choices, and to speed up incremental innovations for merchant site’s overtime. In that effort the new marketplace works superbly well.

What Merchants Can Look Forward To

As mentioned, merchants will now have the ability to quickly discover new products and services that will help increase the functionality of their Magento store. This obviously helps to provide greater value to their customers, but the biggest benefit is in the greater level of quality assurance and new editorial content to highlight new extension functionality. The Magento vetting process and code audits are currently in place for all extension submissions. This means that merchants no longer have to worry whether an extension was well made with best practices and code standards in mind. The editorial content will then help to highlight the innovative solutions being developed on the Magento platform. In the end the Magento Marketplace will help to provide a one-stop resource for all things related to Magento.

What Developers, Technology and Solution Providers Can Expect

The Magento Marketplace allows developers, technology and solution partners to improve their extension sales while creating new opportunities to create and deliver new valuable extensions to their clients. The new purchasing process for the marketplace will also help to increase conversion rates. This was made possible by making an intuitive and easy to use buying process for merchants.  Inventory management practices and dynamic content now prominently showcase developer-built products and services to both merchants and agency buyers. There is also a new code check and plagiarism review so developers work is no longer mimicked and stolen which helps to further instil merchant faith and trust in the Marketplace. Ideally it is expected that this will result in an increase in developer extensions released, as well as merchant purchases. In sum the Magento Marketplace takes the role of an app store manager which helps to reduce the operational cost for extension developers to run their own store. One of the greater benefits seen is that the Magento team will also provide support for all marketplace transactions. This includes managing payments, checkout, refunds, chargebacks, marketing, and lead generation for all extensions. As you can imagine, this has been widely accepted with open arms.