The latest Magento Enterprise release, a few months ago has shown that Ebay finally has Magento under control since the acquisition. Ebay owned, e-commerce web application, Magento released an update that took a more global slant than previous editions. The platform has grown from its humble roots of open source to compete with such giants as IBM and GSI (now Ebay Enterprise). As they have grown, they have added improvements and functional integrations with vast web technologies, improving their mobile web capabilities, and giving merchants & developers more control. But their latest release looks outside the mere appearance and performance of the application.


Magento Update Looks Around the World

Edition 1.13 was released after Magento looked at the increase in international growth many users were having, as well as a larger global market for their product. Fedex integration for commercial documentation was present (although not complete). Direct Marketing News shared thoughts from Head of product at Magento, Jimmy Duvall. Duvall pointed out that the experience and expectations from Magento was very different outside of the United States. In response, the company held user conferences abroad in Australia and Germany.


The conferences showed Magento that Australia is moving forward very rapidly in adopting new technologies. While Australia has lagged behind in the past, they are quickly catching up. Even Germany seems to be growing rapidly, in the past they were less eager to embrace eCommerce short of the giant SAP systems implemented for large corporations.

This experience led Magento to include features in the new edition such as improved ability for VAT & Duty tax calculations, improved tax calculations during the sales flow, and also included support for European Union countries that have complex international tariff rules. Magento states that many of the updates in this edition emanated directly from users feedback on the developer and merchant side of the eco-system. By far the best Enterprise Edition Magento release to date.

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