2016 Magento Imagine Awards

The 2016 Imagine  Excellence Award Winners were showcased at the Wynn in Las Vegas, but for those that were unable to make it to the conference here is a run down of who walked away award recipients. There were nine award categories focused on various achievements, all of which however meant using technology to delight customers and make their online shopping experience like no other.

Best Omni-channel Experience – Frankfurt Airport

Not typically within the industry known for great customer service and an ease of use, but Europe’s largest travel hub and the biggest shopping mall in Germany, Frankfurt Airport, has created an omni-channel experience for their customers that easily surpasses the competition. Travelers and customers alike can easily shop on an aircraft, within the mall airport, or in a taxi, purchase desired items, and painlessly schedule home or gate-side delivery, pick up/drop off dinner, and even have specific gifts brought to you. The whole thought behind this is purely, no one ever has enough time at the airport, especially to shop… now however that is not an issue for Frankfurt Airport guests.

Best B2B User Experience – Gallagher Europe

A global leader of electric fencing and devices used for farms and animal management, Gallagher Europe offers a wide selection of advanced products to more than 7 countries throughout Europe. Their site offers numerous advanced features such as an innovative product wizard, and advanced dealer locator and dynamic pricing based on user choices. This helps their customers tremendously in finding tailored and specific solutions to their electric fencing problems. Their site also includes dynamic and bulk pricing as well as product for syndication.

Growth Award – Rite Aid

Perhaps the most coveted award, not by Magento itself but certainly by commerce owners themselves, Rite Aid was able to demonstrate unmatched year-over-year growth across all channels. Amidst the 2015 holiday season, Rite Aid garnered triple-digit growth in transaction and revenue. Their success they admit and attribute to Magento’s open architecture that allowed for rapid development cycles and iteration. It was also noted that the sites performance enhancements through enterprise features helped tremendously which included full-page caching and innovative marketing facilities.

Best Commerce Launch – St. John Knits

St. John Knits won best Commerce Launch due to their seamless extension of its consultative, in-store experience online. They were able to connect their customer interests and behaviors by molding content and commerce together seamlessly. As a result 35% of their ecommerce customers were entirely new to the brand while another 30% were lapsed customers that ranged back for a year or more. In effect, they were able to hit two birds with one stone. Without a doubt the increase in new customers was a success in itself, but the additional attraction and number of older potential customers that returned is downright impressive. This is made all the more amazing as St. John Knits sells high-end fashion items which exists in an already saturated market.

Commerce Marketer of the Year – Barbeques Galore

Barbeques Galore has over a hundred physical store fronts and when that was coupled with their Magento site it allowed them to maximize their multi-channel marketing abilities. This in turn drove a 350% increase in their sites conversion rate and a 360% increase in their year-over-year sales. Without a doubt this increase is remarkable and is the reason they were honored with this years Marketer of the Year award.

Best Mobile Experience  – Sunspel

We’ve all heard the importance of having a mobile friendly website but this year Sunspel went above and beyond what would normally be expected from a mobile experience. Their site’s usability and design on portable handhelds earned them this years Best Mobile Experience. In short their website provides a responsive, fast, intuitive, and rather appealing experience regardless of the device used. This was a mission critical point for Sunspel as they have an extremely loyal customer base which they need to serve effortlessly and around 50% of whom shop via mobile devices. With the addition of their mobile site they’ve improved conversion rates, increased sales as well as order volumes, and nearly doubled their revenue year-over-year. Though the real kicker, as you’d expect, is with their smartphone users where they saw a 200% increase in revenue.

Most Innovative – Nestle BabyNes

Nutrition is obviously important, but for parents the concern doesn’t just end with themselves, they have children to worry about. Through the use of Internet of Things connectivity and delivering an immersive omnichannel experience, the Nestle BabyNes site won the award for being the Most Innovative Magento website. BabyNes offers a smart baby nutrition system that is integrated across the web, mobile apps, point of sale and numerous social channels. It also serves multiple regions around the world. Not only are there smart formulas, but smart feeding devices as well, all of which is seamlessly connected and explained onsite for parents concerned over their children’s health and diet.

Best Web Design – Le Creuset

Le Creuset won the Best Web Design by setting a new industry standard with their new website. The sites balance of quality content and clean design helped to dramatically reduce bounce rates, increased average order value, and maximized sales overall. The sites user experience was expertly crafted and the results exceeded all expectations, with record level revenues being received. The original launch was solely for the U.S however they are recently rolling out the website in over 30 countries.

Great Explorer Award for International Expansion – Screwfix

Having delivery of its online store shipping to over 20 European countries and for successfully launching their new international business operations in Ireland and Germany, Screwfix was awarded the Great Explorer Award for International Expansion. The sheer amount of products they offer, numerous languages their site is available in, and ease of use easily makes this site stand apart from other internationally oriented businesses.

We just want to say congratulations to all award recipients! It’s no easy task to stand apart from the crowd especially when competition is so fierce. Having set the bar so high only helps to propel the rest of the development community forward. Keep up the good work and good luck to all contestants next year!