The world’s best brands have always driven brand excellence via the dominant medium of the era. Today, the dominant medium is digital and leading brands are certainly investing heavily to establish and optimize their digital channels. These brands build ecosystems both online and offline while using digital to unify those two worlds under a singular omni-channel experience.

You can only achieve a true omni-channel experience and true continuity by integrating the underlying technology that powers each individual channel. Today’s consumer expects and demands a seamless cross channel experience in which they can navigate your digital ecosystem while standing in your brick and mortar locations with their smart device. Brands who succeed in creating valuable customer experiences must be fully integrated across channels to achieve the agility necessary to respond to the dynamic commercial landscape of today.


The Omni Channel Magento Machine.


In today’s landscape, every organization must seek to unify sales channels and create a valuable omni-channel experience for its customers.

Here’s how you can build an omni-channel commerce engine with Magento Enterprise at the center of your brand’s ecosystem.

With millions of Merchants choosing Magento to power their eCommerce channels, the platform is here to stay. Magento’s open source eCommerce platform is commonly recognized for it’s robust and flexible feature set geared toward the enterprise eCommerce merchant, but most eCommerce managers around the globe overlook the upside leverage of fully integrating the Magento platform with the entirety of their sales channels. On the other hand, those brands that have invested in integrating Magento with their ERP, MRP, POS and CRM enjoy dramatic performance enhancements across their organizations because they manage every touch point through out their customer life cycles from a singular control panel.

By aligning your cross channel initiatives with the robust capabilities of the Magento Enterprise platform you can…

  • Manage and Optimize B2B, B2C, Wholesale, and Retail channels from a singular control panel.
  • Achieve Synchronized Real Time Inventory and Sales Metrics Across Your Online and Brick And Mortar Channels.
  • Seamlessly Integrate Your ERP, MRP, POS and CRM Systems To Create The Optimal End-To-End Commerce Engine.

Magento Integrations

The sky is the limit when it comes to Magento integrations. Your Magento solutions partner’s engineering capabilities will be the only limitation you experience when it comes to achieving your ideal level of integration. Continue reading to learn more about common Magento integrations and see how your organizational objectives align with the flexible open source Magento Enterprise API.

  • Magento’s flexible, open-source API, Magento supports deep integrations with your Business Process and Operations systems.
  • Integrate with: SAP, Syspro, Epicor, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, CRM, Sales
  • POS, RMS, Accounting, Payment solutions, Call Center and Shipping applications (Sage, QuickBooks, Peach Tree).
  • Also integrate with marketing automation software like Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, and others.

Tailored Magento Solutions

Magento solutions partners like Mediotype engineer your Magento centric commerce solutions around your objectives and internal workflows so that your Magento solution is tailored specifically to your business. Continue reading to learn more about how you can leverage Magento to drive sales across all of your channels to serve the entirety of your customer groups and product catalogs. Contact us for Magento Programming Support

Manage B2B and B2C Channels From One Fully Integrated Platform.

Manage sales, inventory, fulfillment and finances across the entirety of your revenue channels from a singular platform.

    Leverage Magento Enterprise tiered pricing feature to manage both B2B and B2C channels.

  • Engineer the optimal user experience for each of your customer groups by rolling out unique storefronts tailored to speak specifically to each customer segments.
  • Integrate your ERP/MRP/CRM (Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Sales Force), to streamline your operations.
  • Create custom views and give your B2B customers the ability to view prior orders, manage shipping, view open issues, manage returns (RMA), etc.

    I. Wholesale customers

    • Streamline your fulfillment systems by integrating your systems/back office systems/ERP/CRM/MRP with Magento.
    • Design intuitive processes to fit the needs of your fulfillment team as they pick, pack and ship your orders.
    • Create custom user views and grant limited access to your fulfillment and customer service teams.
    • Synchronize sales with Magento by integrating your CRM.

    II. Online and Brick and Mortar

    • Integrate Magento Enterprise with your ERP and POS to manage online and brick and mortar customers, orders, inventory and sales from a singular control panel.
    • Reduce fulfillment costs and operational overhead across channels by synchronizing online and brick and mortar inventories, customers and orders.
    • Leverage the Magento Enterprise?Rich Merchandising Suite to align merchandising, special offers, recommendations and email marketing with the full spectrum of your customer demographic.