If you are using the Magento USPS carrier service, on January 17th 2016 Magento will be releasing a patch to update the extension. In the meantime, WebShopApps has already addressed this issue a while ago and they offer a FREE Update for users who might need the update sooner, which can be found here: New USPS Patch Extension Download.

So What’s New?

Shipping service rates are increasing and the USPS API is being updated to remove several flat rate box services. This is to show that “Standard Post” has been renamed “Retail Ground.”  There are also a number of other price increases to services that affect both retail and commercial base pricing such as Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First Class Parcel. Caution however, as there are in some cases significant price increases which you should be aware of. This video provided by Pitney Bowes explains those in more detail: USPS 2016 Price Change Video.

Who Is Affected?

If you’re using the standard Magento USPS carrier, you will need to download the new updated patch extension. If you’re using a WebShopApps extension they’ve also updated their patch to meet the current requirements. If you’re using ShipperHQ to manage USPS rates, you’re in luck! ShipperHQ will automatically show the new prices as they are rolled on on January 17th.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this patch update, or need assistance installing it, please Contact The Mediotype Team immediately!