Apple has introduced incredible new technology with the IOS 7 update. Retailers see iBeacon as a “sleeper” app to keep your eyes on. Like Passbook, which now has taken fourth place in mobile app popularity, Apple isn’t pushing marketing info about the product. iBeacon uses NFC, or Near Field Communication, to access or transmit information easily and securely to enabled devices. For instance, using BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy technology, you can tap you phone into a enabled cash register and quickly transfer payment. Marketing finally has an optimal tool to engage with consumers behavior in physical locations, a perfect meld of digital and real world.

Introducing iBeacon: Apple's Retail Game Changer.


iBeacon is truly revolutionary, and it’s surprising that most individuals have been carrying this powerful tool around in their pocket none the wiser. iBeacon can be used on a more broad range than devices that are currently only using Wifi. Using the BLE technology, iBeacon can announce its presence to devices within an extraordinary range while maintaining a dependable connection. Currently Wifi-type location apps can only reach devices within an approximate range of 30 feet. Wifi is also less useful in small stores, iBeacon can alert you of specials, sales, and other information from within compact locations. With multiple iBeacon’s a merchant can triangulate their consumers exact location and contextually engage.

iBeacon’s groundbreaking innovation could totally revolutionize the retail market.

If a retailer is iBeacon enabled, you could have a custom tailored shopping experience. Imagine walking into a store that recognizes your iBeacon signal. You could receive information pertaining to the new products that have just reached the shelves. If you are interested in the product, iBeacon can direct you right toward it. If your credit card information is accessible to iBeacon, you could choose to pay for the item immediately with no hassle and no waiting on long lines at the register.

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