In 2013, app generated revenue will approach $25 Billion. Mobile apps are not a fad and they are more than simply a service to customers and employees.


90% of searches on mobile devices generate an action and 50% of mobile searches generate purchases.

Let's Face It: Mobile is Taking Over

Are the dollars spent on traditional advertising generating these kinds of returns? 80% of people who own smartphones use their device to shop within stores. Even without a web presence, a mobile app can be a huge benefit for a business.

25% of all downloaded apps are deleted after only one use.

Never a second chance at a first impression rings true for mobile apps. End user input in UX and UI pre-launch is critical. 75% of apps offer more than options for purchase. Including product research, customer reviews, inventory listings will increase use and sales. In the next 12-18 months, tablet ownership will grow from 51% to 58% and by 2018 app revenue from tablets will be greater than from smartphones. Developing tablet specific apps will greatly increase positive positioning for the future of app revenue.

Within the next 12 months, 40% of marketers are planning to develop a mobile app.

App development and use is growing and growing quickly. 25% of enterprises will have an enterprise App Store by 2017. Giving a company’s IT control over employee app downloads can improve security for the company and user experience and confidence for the employee. Use of Mobile phones and tablets will outpace PC use by 2015

Very soon, having a web presence will no longer provide the edge required for a modern business.

In 12-18 months, the app industry could reach the tipping point.

The time is now for development of a mobile app. Waiting could cost in adoption, benefit and ultimately revenue. Business moves quickly and mobile business moves even quicker. Having a quality mobile app soon will be a requirement rather than a luxury. Beginning the development process now will assure being positioned to take full advantage of the mobile explosion still building in the coming years.