There was a time when customers had to go to a retail location or website to purchase goods or services. Today mobile commerce is changing the way is beingĀ  conducted. With the use of almost any device business can be transacted at any location. People can now purchase items while in a park, at a campsite, in a doctor’s waiting room and more.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, ‘Figure out what your customers and prospects need most in their busy on-the-go lives-and acknowledge that with your mobile strategy. This being said, don’t wait until the day before you launch to try to understand their needs. There is a lot riding on your decision!’

Mobile Commerce: Expanding Locations for Business

Responsive Web Design

The new web experience utilized with mobile platforms is responsive Web design. This is when a website is designed so navigating it and the digital contributions it provides are a memorable experience for the end user. The challenge is for companies to conform their brand and message to gain the most benefit from this paradigm.

Passbook 3

Passbook was introduced by Apple and designed to provide consumers with a fast and easy way to get digital store coupons, tickets and other similar items. Almost every industry that provides goods and services directly to the end consumer can see how this platform will help their business. Soon the Passbook features will expand beyond its original intent to possibly include online payments.


It is essential to be prepared and meet all the expectations of consumers who visit a mobile-optimized retail site. A bad experience can lead them to have a negative impression of the site’s brand. This could have a negative impact on the amount of money they spend. It will influence if they return or recommend the site to others.

Local Benefits

Some people enjoy looking at products in person. Google has stated that most of mobile searches are centered on finding a local business. A properly mobile-optimized retail site will be able to guide them to the nearest retail location. A simple store locator option at the top of the site will successfully guide customers to a company’s store.

Repeat Customers

One of the keys to success is making the repeat shopping experience a positive one. It’s important to have it set up so the customer does not have to enter their information every time they buy something. A site should be able to accurately record purchasing history. This makes it possible to direct a person to other products they may want to purchase.


Many companies have a successful mobile-optimized retail site because they’re easy to recognize. In most cases, they’ve made certain the mobile site resembles their main website as close as possible. This makes it much easier for the customer to identify the site and the company behind it.

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