Will Apple trump mobile + physical user experience with Passbook?

Passbook was introduced by Apple as a way to provide users with a quick and easy way to get digital store coupons, tickets and more. Almost every industry that provides goods and services directly to the end consumer can see its potential. Soon the Passbook features will expand beyond its original intent.

Passbook Popularity Grows with Mobile Device Use

According to an article from Online Media, “The latest version also allows consumers to save coupons, such as 25% off a $40 purchase at OshKosh B’gosh, directly to Apple Passbook. Each Passbook coupon features a scannable barcode and instructions for cashiers on how to process the coupon, including a numeric code they can manually type into the cash register if the barcode is not scanning automatically.”

QR Code

The Sunday print version of a newspaper will be brought into the Passbook world by providing print coupons that have a QR code. This will provide a way for the print media and the digital media to work together. Passbook will provide a valuable tool for expanding into a market that prefers print media.

Merchant Benefits

The Passbook app makes doing business much easier for merchants. The app does not require them to purchase a specialized reader in order to scan the coupons. With this app a merchant is able to use it with any scanning hardware they currently use.


A popular feature of the Passbook app is that it is now able to automatically update. A company can regularly change their coupons and know that the end user will have the latest version.

Redemption Rates

There are many marketers who are seeing high redemption rates for the mobile coupons they offer. These redemption rates have surpassed those of paper coupons. On average paper coupons have a one percent redemption rate where mobile coupons are approximately ten percent. These mobile redemption rates are predicted to increase.


As the use of Smartphones and other mobile devices increase so will coupons provided by the Passbook app. It’s a great way for marketers to offer discounts to their target market and accurately track the results.

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