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Our pricing structures are dependent upon the service and scope of work.

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Magento Development

Custom Development, Updates, Fixes, Magento Specialists



Digital Marketing

SEO, Content Curation, Paid Marketing, Social Media, Site Health Management


Brand Distinction, Consistency, Perception, Recognition and User Experiences/Interfaces

Management Consulting

Consultation on Development, Design, and Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new website typically cost?

This depends on the scope of work expected to be completed. Largely dependent upon how custom the website will appear and function. The more bells and whistles hoped for, the longer you can expect development to take. Send us a Contact Request with a short message about what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll get back to you soon. Contact Us!

What if my site needs updating or bug fixes?

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) for those who perhaps need a set amount of developer hours every month to work toward correcting or enhancing specific features or functions of a website. This can range anywhere from 10-100+ hours a month of support depending on your needs as well the scope of work to be completed. Contact us to find out more.

Can we customize Mediotype extensions?

Mediotype extensions are all provided with open source code.  Developers with PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML experience will be able to customize any features in our modules. When purchasing Mediotype extensions, developer support time may be purchased to have our development team aid with installation and customizations that may be required. The Mediotype Development team may also be hired to code customizations to extensions specific to an installation. Send us your Magento Extension questions.


How long do I have to do SEO in order to improve rankings?

Nowadays search engine result pages (Serps) rank web pages based on a multitude of factors. Furthermore, competition is increasingly becoming more difficult. SEO is not a one time fix and continual effort must be spent on it if you intend to improve your sites overall rankings and performance. This means week after week, and month after month, you should have an overall marketing strategy in place to follow.

eCommerce is a never-ending race with new competitors springing up overnight. The winners are those who run the smartest, hardest, and furthest of all… but most importantly its those who run the longest. Again, you can’t win overnight. Contact our Marketing Specialists for a Site Audit and Consultation!


Why do you offer consultations?

The eCommerce environment is a competitive one and there are many interconnected pieces within that ecosystem that business managers can often overlook, under appreciate, or are simply not aware of. The Mediotype team of expert consultants have years of experience working with businesses on improving not only their websites, but their entire digital business operations. We want to share that knowledge with our clients through training, education, and consultation. We understand that success in eCommerce is multi-faceted and we are able to help keep a watchful eye on every component. Contact our Expert Consultants to discuss your plans!